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"Startups are emotional roller coasters that one minute make you feel like you’re changing the world and the next minute, that everything is falling apart. Antonia has helped us build a more connected team and a stronger culture to be able to weather those storms. She is creative, extremely talented, and fun to work with."

"Antonia made a tailor-made program of creativity workshops. The team members attending really came up with great ideas thanks to all the creative exercises set up for the idea generation. The sessions very fun, interactive, people really spent a great time and really worked differently while having good times and good laughs."

"Antonia's enthusiasm as a facilitator is contagious. She gave a wonderful leadership workshop, "Who matters : I, You, We?", to my daughter's Girl Scout troop which help the girls explore the connection between the individual, their community and the bigger world and how you can create positive change. The girls had fun while learning and being empowered to grow personally and as a group."

« La manière dont Antonia Benque utilise l’approche narrative pour accompagner une équipe permet un voyage aux multiples avantages :

* ancrer l’équipe dans son histoire, sa spécificité et sa force

* prendre conscience du chemin parcouru et des obstacles surmontés

* se projeter ensemble dans un avenir cohérent

Un voyage que beaucoup d’équipes gagneraient à faire. »

TEAM coaching
Individual coaching

Some people said....

"Antonia is a great listener. She brings trust, and encourages introspection. There is no taboo, everything can be said"

"I have enjoyed working with Antonia. When I feel miserable, she helps me manage my emotions and get back on track. When I feel excited, she helps me feel proud, celebrate and keep going. She showed the assertiveness I needed to overcome not only my fears but also the obstacles and barriers I have set up for failure over the years"

"Coaching was a kick in the ass to reflect in my goals, my desires and to take decisions. Antonia allowed me to see the glass half full and consider adding syrup on it!"

"Antonia gave me the strength and tools week after week to reorganize my life as I wanted. She showed me that I was allowed to exist for myself and not just for the ones I love. She made me tell a different story about my life"

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