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"Great things in business are never done by one person. 
They're done by a team of people." 
Steve Jobs



Building Strong Relationships

Creating a Team Identity

Improving Communication

Generating New Ideas


Leadership skills

Effective communication

Emotional Intelligence


Personal growth

Self esteem

Life transitions

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about me.

Life has taken me to many places. I was born in Portugal, educated in France, married in Paris, gave birth in the UK, and have settled in the United States. My children were raised in four different Countries, are multi-lingual and define themselves as citizens of the world.

Family, Adaptation, Education, Learning are our core values.

I realized my first dream, "becoming a Math teacher" in Paris at the age of  23. Afterwards, I got lost in the insurance business in London (as an analyst and a broker) where I felt very far away from human connection, and so I went back to graduate school for organisational consulting. I worked for the Hopital Necker Enfants Malades, a major children's Hospital in Paris, where my need to help others was finally fulfilled.

Then I realized my second dream, "living in a sunny place". That's where the Californian adventure started!


When I arrived in California, I became involved in many, many activities. I spent a lot of energy on several projects (education, welcoming other new French expats, cooking...). I attended a variety of classes (courses on Non-Violent Communication, Positive Psychology, Emotional intelligence etc). I even got my first startup experience, managing customer support for a mobile communication app.

Turning forty was a wake-up call to reflect upon what I had been doing with my life and my career, what I appreciated in life, and what impact I truly wanted to have on those around me. I ultimately realized that what was fulfililng to me was helping people live better lives. 

I finally found my "Call" in coaching!


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1. My approach is based on the strong belief that we are all creative! Creative expression opens the door to our inside world – our imagination, the soul, the spirit. That’s where our actions find meaning and purpose. That’s where motivation takes root. Creativity is simply our ability to generate ideas and make them happen!

As a coach I empower people's creativity to address the needs of building resilience, confidence and trust.

My workshops integrate different forms of art expression such as drawing, painting, storytelling and movement in order to connect with each participant’s comfort level and innate sense of expression. 

2. The second pillar of my coaching comes from Narrative Approach. I believe that our identity is shaped by the stories we tell about ourselves. While we can't always change the stories that others have about us, we can influence the stories we tell about ourselves. We can rewrite our own storylines.

As a coach, I listen to people and help them retell their stories in a way that makes them feel empowered and alive, and that connects them to their purpose.

3. Considering that 40% of happiness is in our power to change, I like to integrate Positive Psychology tools in my coaching practice.

Three main factors determine happines : a genetic set point that counts for 50%, life circumstances that count for 10% (only!), and the remaining 40% are for intentional activity.







4.The 4th pillar of my practice leans into the Co-active Model, which  is the signature methodologie of The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), a pioneer in the industry and accredited by ICF (International Coaching Federation)

One of the Corner Stones of the Co-active Model is "People are Naturally Creative, Ressourceful and Whole", meaning that clients have the power to find their own solutions.

I believe clients are the experts in their own lives. 


As a coach, my role is to enhance their creativity, to buid trust in their power to make the changes they need.  

4 Pillars approach
coaching brings me human connection
      connects the dots of my life experience
            keeps me learning
                   connects me worldwide  
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